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Synopsis:  The older we get the more we wish we could slow time and age better and more gracefully. Numerous individuals have claimed that this is indeed possible through adherence to anti aging diets. On this site, several anti aging diets are profiled  and additional factors are presented that influence how well–or not!–we age.

As the saying goes:  "Beauty is only skin deep."  And yet, beauty is a main focus in society today, as shown by many of the ads in the right column of this post, which may occasionally even include before and after photos meant to influence you toward a quick fix and a supposedly younger looking you.  I assure you that many of these so called solutions will not truly make you into a younger person.  The hype and gimmics that modern society heap upon us regarding beauty can be quite deceptive but as they can also offer some level of amusement, I encourage you to explore away.

In contrast, your arrival to this portal indicates that you may be interested in a lifestyle change through adherence to an anti aging diet.  Does such a thing exist?  More importantly, if it does exist does it work?  It is our intent to provide an easy to understand and balanced overview of topics related to anti aging diets.  Further, we wish to point you to several additional factors that are related to this topic.

There is no magic wand and, as of yet, no over-the-counter (or even prescription) pills to immediately reverse all of the ravages of age.  But if the "magic pill" is discovered someday, you can be sure that there will be side effects to its use.  Side effects are merely the negative consequences of  prescription drugs, over-the counter drugs, and even of diet choices or suppliment and vitamin use.  One must weight the positive effects against the negative side effects to determine if you want to make the choice (take the pill or live with the diet).

It seems that the older we get the more we become interested in healthy living.  As my parents entered early middle age in the 70′s, they subscribed to "Prevention"  magazine and began buying some of its advertiser’s products.  Now, in the early 21st century, one only has to briefly peruse the internet, television, or the print media to realize that there are more self proclaimed anti aging diets, supplements, vitamins, and gimmics than can be counted.  The total sales of preventive health related products in the US alone is estimate in multiple billions of dollars each year.  Given the massive amount of press associated with healthy living, the billions that are spent on (hopefully) attaining it, and the myriad of products devoted to obtaining it, where do we turn?

If anti aging diets are merely what you eat, then they are only a part of this solution.  There are several additional steps that you can take along with what you eat to improve how you feel and ameliorate the passage of time.  These steps can be investigated by reading the posts on this blog, which are listed under "Anti Aging Diets & More" on the top left side of each page.  Please also take the time to support our sponsors and peruse the many anti aging products and services listed throughout this website.

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